Equipment Repairs

We are a full service music retail store and repair shop, so you can rest assured we'll be there for you if an item stops working and needs to be repaired.  When you purchase from us, the invoice is kept in our sales system so, in the off-chance there is an issue, we can easily find the purchase invoice to submit with any warranty repair - meaning you don't have to keep track of those paper receipts!  If it needs to be shipped back to the factory for service, we can handle that for you too.
We offer both warranty and non-warranty repair services for a wide range of products we sell including Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Amps, Electronics, Mixers, Speakers, Microphones and Receivers, and more.


If your product is still under warranty, we can take care of it for you. We will have our own certified technician repair it under warranty, or pack it up and ship it back to the factory for service when necessary. For warranty repairs, the only cost is the shipping charge, UNLESS the repair or parts are not covered under warranty. If, upon diagnosis, something will not be covered under warranty, we will let you know.


Products that are no longer under warranty require a deposit prior to diagnosis. The deposit is used toward the repair cost and we will call you with an estimate if the repair is higher than expected. These types of repairs are performed at our store locations, by a local certified technician, or sent back to the factory depending on the type of product and issue.

Authorized Service Center

As an Authorized Service Center for Yamaha, Roland, and Peavey, PC Sound can repair out-of-warranty items, as well as items covered under warranty.

Service Calls

Is your church sound system not sounding quite right? Did one of your hanging speakers die out? Are your projectors not displaying any output? PC Sound can come to your location, and handle most repairs on-site. Repairs that are not handled on-site can be carried back to our shop by our techs for repair.