GHS 5L-DYB 5-String Long Scale 40-120 Light Roundwound Bass Boomers

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GHS Boomers Nickel Plated Steel Round Wound Electric Bass Strings Long Scale Set - 5-String 40-120 Light 5L-DYB

GHS Bass Boomers are one of the most popular electric bass strings for bass players around the world.  GHS Bass Boomers have been known as Power Strings for years. 

Bass Boomers are wound with Nickel Plated Steel for a brilliant tone with great sustain.  If you want to make your bass boom, you got to check out some GHS Bass Boomers.

String Construction:

  • Fits most 34" scale and some 35" scale basses
  • 37.25" Winding Ball to Silk
  • Hex Core
  • Nickel Plated Steel Round Wound .
  • 040 .055 .075 .095 .120