Alfred's Premier Piano Course Lesson Book 3 w/CD

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Premier Piano Course, Lesson Book 3 is now available with a CD! Each piece on the CD was recorded at a performance tempo and a slower practice tempo. Level 3 students will be playing syncopated, dotted and swing rhythms with ease. Up-tempo, original pieces with clever twists smoothly incorporate new concepts including: pass-under and cross-over scale fingerings; the chromatic scale; IV chords in C, G, F, D; 1st and 2nd endings; and ledger lines above and below the staff. 48 pages

Premier Music Review
The IV Chord in C
The Primary Chords in C
The IV Chord in G
The Primary Chords in G
1st and 2nd Endings
New Time Signature C
Swing Style
F Major Scale
Key Signature of F Major
The Primary Chords in F
Waltz-Bass Accompaniment
New Italian Term---poco
Ledger Lines Below the Bass Staff
Ledger Lines Above the Treble Staff
New Italian Term---molto
The Chromatic Scale
New Tempo Marking---adagio
New Time Signature---3/8
New Time Signature---6/8
D Major Scale
Key Signature of D Major
The Primary Chords in D

D.C. al Coda

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