Pearl STA1450MM321 14x5 SensiTone Premium Maple Snare Drum


Engineered for performance perfection, Sensitone Premium snare drums are refined, first-call perussion instruments that demand a place of prestige in the pro player's pallet. Featuring a 6-ply, 5.4mm shell, the Sensitone Elite Maple snare is appointed with Pearl's stylish Arch Tube Lugs, Click-Lock throw-off, and 2.3mm Superhoop II hoops.
  • Top-end projection with fat highs and mids.
  • SR-160F Click-Lock Throw Off.
  • Arch-Tube Lug (ARL-15)
  • 6 ply 5.4mm Maple Shell
  • SuperHoop II (SH1410B/1410S) Hoops
  • Lifetime Warranty