Latin Percussion LP1209 Guiro Jam Block - Purple

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Latin Percussion LP1209 Guiro Jam Block - Purple

The LP Guiro Jam Block produces a deep tone and has raised ridges for playing guiro rhythms. Call this one the bass voices of the LP Jam Blocks

These are popular percussive add-ons that simulate a range of wood block effects-without the worry of hairline cracks and chipping so common in old wood blocks. Crafted from the indestructible material Jenigor, LP's exclusive plastic formulation.

These blocks can be played quietly with rods, mallets, or hard with sticks and they will not crack or splinter. They are modern versions of age-old favorites.

The LP1209 has a dual playing surface, the traditional surface, the other surface is ridged in a series of grooves. The latter enables glissando and guiro-like effects. LP Jam Blocks produce rich, cutting tone and are built to last a lifetime.

Again, the LP Jam Block/Guiro is strong, incredibly durable and capable of great projection.

A heavy duty mounting bracket (that fits 3/8" diameter rods) and an LP eye-bolt assembly are included.