Dunlop SLS1034G Dual Design Gold Straplock System


The Dunlop Dual Design Gold Straplock system uses a 360-degree groove-and-ball design to allow freedom of movement for your strap without fear of catching or releasing. 

Features case-hardened steel skin for long life, and you can use the same strap with several guitars because the strap button is interchangeable.

Don't worry about this system being able to take your onstage abuse; it's tested at up to 800 lbs. of pull!  Do yourself and your guitar a favor and install the Dunlop Dual Design Gold Straplock System for peace of mind onstage!

 Dunlop Dual Design Gold Strap Retainer System Features:

  • Durable, reliable 360-degree groove-and-ball design
  • Tested at 800 lbs. of pull before releasing
  • Includes 2 units for instrument and strap
  • Wide flange button for extra security
  • Gold Finish
The Dunlop SLS1034G Dual Design system keeps your guitar safely strapped on no matter what!