Eden TN2252-b 2x10 225W Bass Combo Amp B-Stock


The Eden Terra Nova TN2252 Bass Combo brings you a world of options for defining your tone. With expert design and Eden’s ever-impressive build quality, the TN2252 combines the TN226 head with a 2x10” cabinet, rewarding you with a detailed, articulate, powerful sound. Tone-shaping controls, including sweepable mids and Eden’s proprietary Enhance control, as well as a pair of world-class Eden speakers, ensure a natural and musical voicing to suit all playing styles.

With the TN2252, your playing will come alive with focused bass, cutting mids, and silky highs. Dial in your own unique settings with ease, and deliver your basslines with the tone they've always deserved. Once you're plugged in, you'll be able to take on anything - from rehearsals to recording. Simple to use and boasting a diverse array of features, Terra Nova amplifiers will make you stand out.

The tools of tone

Dial it in. The intuitive controls on this combo are impressively responsive. There's the classic semi-parametric EQ for sonic shaping,with sweepable low and high mids, while the bass boost ensures a full low-end, ideal for if you’re playing at low volume.

Whether you need plenty of booming low end, or you want to punch through with tight mids, the Terra Nova range caters to almost any tonal requirement. The compressor will help you to maintain a crisp, articulate voice with your bass, while the Enhance control adds an overall sheen, if you’re looking to dial in some more focused articulation. The TN2252 enclosure ensures perfect voicing of head and cabinet sections, with two 10” Eden-designed speakers delivering huge power and even bigger sound. Passive and active inputs ensure an optimised level whatever type of bass you play, making the TN2252 combo an incredibly dynamic and powerful beast.

Riveting recordings

The TN2252 combo is as equally at home in the studio as it is on stage. A DI output lets you plug your bass straight into a DAW or PA to be used in conjunction with a microphone on the speaker to add definition to your sound, or even as a safety net for reamping in post-production. There's also a handy ground lift function for noise elimination, as well as a send/return function for your effects. The inclusion of a headphone output also allows you to practice in silence, without disturbing those around you. With everything you'll ever need in once place, you'll find that this combo offers everything the modern bassist could wish for. From its astounding tone to its immense 225w of power handling, it'll bring you the sound you've always wanted.


  • Model: TN2252
  • Series: Terra Nova Series
  • Output Wattage: 225W
  • Outputs: 1 X Neutrik Output, 2 X 1/4" Outputs, DI Output W/ Level Control; Ground Lift And Pre/Post Selection, 1 X Headphone Output, 1 X Tuner Output, 1 x Line/MP3
  • Inputs: 2 X 1/4" Jack (High And Low) Instrument Inputs, 1 X Aux In, 1 X Footswitch
  • Controls: Input Gain Level Control, 4-Band EQ Circuit With Semi-Parametric Mid Controls, Compressor With On/Off Control, Bass Boost, Enhance EQ Sweep, Master Volume Control, Mute Switch
  • Effects Loop: 1/4" Jack Send And Return