Eden TN410-4-b 4x10 600W Bass Cabinet B-Stock


The Eden Terra Nova TN410 Bass Cab will be the a welcomed addition to your professional set-up. Your tone will boldly stand out from the crowd, thanks to four powerful 10" speakers, which are combined with a whizzer and switchable tweeter to offer a crisp response and mountains of harmonic character.

Perfect for touring bassists, its tour ready design ensures the cabinet is built to last. Plastic impact corners protect its smooth covering from knocks, while a coated steel kick grille guards its internal workings against damage. The ultimate pairing with Eden Terra Nova heads, look no further than the Eden Terra Nova TN410 for a cab you can rely on.

A wall of tone

Packed with quality. With four premium 10" speakers pumping out your raw, unadulterated bass tone, you'll have no trouble sounding as punchy and prominent as you want. This cab offers unparalleled definition and articulation, giving your basslines a powerful voice of their own. A switchable tweeter brings out those luscious high frequencies for a beautifully well-rounded sound. Once you're picking or plucking away, you'll notice just how much more alive and crisp your tone becomes when using it.

Destined for greatness. The design itself is flawless. It is ported and tuned for an unbelievable response to your playing, and the internal bracing helps to provide powerful projection. The coated steel kick grill helps to keep the speakers well and truly protected, and plastic impact corners keep it more than sturdy. Offering a bold sound and plenty of clarity, this cab is sure to give your tone the kick it needs.


  • Product Code: TN410-4-E
  • Model Name: Eden Terra Nova TN410 4x10 Bass Cab
  • Power Handling: Power Handling: 300W
  • Speaker Config: 4 x 10"
  • Impedance: 
  • Freq. Response: 48Hz - 14kHz
  • Dimensions: H: 580 mm / 22.9", W: 580 mm / 22.9", D: 410 mm / 16.2"
  • Weight: 31.95 kg / 70.5 lbs