Marshall DSL20CR 20W 1x12 Tube Combo Amp

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Designed to replace the 15W model in the company's DSL line, the Marshall Amplification DSL20CR is a three-valve, 1x12" combo amplifier for electric guitar. It features two channels with separate controls for volume and gain, a comprehensive equalization section, and reverb. The Dual Super Lead (DSL) offers Classic Gain and Ultra Gain channels.

Though the amplifier offers many of the same features of the 15W model, this amplifier improves upon the design of the DSL20CR in several ways. For instance, the power-reduction switch has received an upgrade. Whereas the 15W model sported a back-panel selector that flipped between pentode and triode operation, the DSL20CR boasts a front-panel rocker switch that works directly with the transformer, rather than the tubes. Thus, when you switch from 20W to 10W, you'll experience no shift in tone.

On the rear panel, you'll note three 1/4" outputs supporting various impedances. You can make this amplifier work with 16- or 8-Ohm cabinets. An emulated output offers a cabinet simulation design by Softube, and can be used in recording scenarios. You'll note the FX loop for introducing pedals and external gear into the amp's signal path, as well as an auxiliary input for jamming along to your favorite tunes.

This combo amp provides a 1x12" cabinet with a Celestion Seventy 80 speaker; one capable of handling 80W at 16 Ohms. Tonally, this amplifier is similar to the 15W version with a wide array of classic Marshall timbres on hand. Another key difference, however, is the look of the DSL20CR. With elephant-grade tolex employed in its construction, you'll find it resembles classic British-built Marshall combos. The DSL20CR ships with a power cord and a dual footswitch for Classic/Ultra channel selection and reverb on/off. 

Key Features
  • Classic Gain & Ultra Gain Channels
  • 1x12" Celestion Seventy80 Speaker
  • Front-Panel Output Switch (20 or 10W)
  • 3 ECC83 Tubes & 2 EL34 Tubes
  • Volume & Gain for Each Channel
  • 3-Knob Tone Stack
  • Resonance & Presence Controls
  • 3 1/4" Speaker Outputs & Onboard FX Loop
  • Digital Spring Reverb
  • Footswitch Controller Included

Switchable Output Level on Front Panel

A three-position rocker switch combines standby with high- and low-output power functions. The output stage and power control for this amplifier has been designed to deliver an even tonal performance at all power levels. The high and low output functions allow you to choose between two configurations of the internal power supply: 20W or 10W, depending on your predilections. These two configurations give the choice between two output power levels, but ensure that the output valves behave the same way for both. This means the amplifier can be put into low power mode without compromising tone.

Other Features at a Glance

  • Classic Gain (channel 1)
  • Ultra Gain (channel 2)
  • Equalization
    • Bass
    • Middle
    • Treble
    • Presence
    • Resonance (bass boost)
    • Tone Shift Switch (mid-scoop)
  • Digital reverb
  • Included Footswitch
  • FX loop (series, send and return)