Oscar Schmidt OUNTURTLE Ukulele


The Oscar Schmidt Turtle Soprano Ukulele has a loud, clear sound that stays in tune well.  Crafted with a Basswood top that has laser etched turtles and palm trees, Basswood headstock veneer, ABS Plastic Bowl design with ABS Neck and fingerboard, Open Tuners, Zero 1st Fret for low action,

Plays LOUD and in Tune!!

From the traditional leader in folk music since 1886. Premium woods, quality hardware and modest prices create an ideal instrument. Each is inspected and adjusted in the USA by a skilled technician, your assurance for smooth fret ends, precision low action and resonant sound quality. Unequalled standards in easy playing comfort and tone response creates the perfect value.


  • 4 String Soprano Ukulele
  • Quality Basswood top
  • Laser etched Turtles and palm trees on top
  • Basswood headstock veneer
  • ABS Plastic Bowl design
  • ABS Neck and fingerboard
  • Open Tuners
  • Zero 1st Fret for low action
  • 15 frets
  • Plays LOUD and in Tune!!