Marshall DSL1CR 1W 1x8" Tube Combo Amp


The Marshall Amplification DSL1CR is a two-channel combo amplifier powered by three valves/tubes. One channel gives you a cleaner tone, while the other is suitable for your distortion needs. A three-knob tone stack, coupled with a tone-shift button that reshapes the preamp's EQ, helps you dial in your preferred timbre. With a low-power switch on the back, you can reduce the output from 1W to 0.1W without affecting the tone; thus, you can practice in your home at later houses with minimal disturbance to your family or neighbors.

An onboard effects loop gives you the ability to put your pedals or external processors directly in the amplifier's signal path, while a reverb knob on the front panel allows you to apply some ambience to your signal. An auxiliary input is on hand for jamming along to your favorite tunes. You can route your signal from the emulated output jack to your headphones or to a recording interface, taking advantage of the Softube-designed studio cabinet emulation all the while.

This combo amp provides a 1x8" cabinet with a Celestion GBC speaker; one capable of handling 15W at 16 Ohms. By default, the amplifier is plugged into the speaker with an included cable. If you want to add an optional extension speaker—or practice silently as you listen through headphones— first turn the amplifier off, and then disconnect the supplied speaker cable; failure to do so may result in damaging the amplifier. A footswitch is supplied with which you can choose between the two channels.

Key Features
  • Dual-Channel Operation
  • Rear-Panel Output Switch (1 or 0.1W)
  • 1x8" Cabinet with Celestion Speakers
  • 2 ECC83 Tubes & 1 ECC82 Tube
  • Separate Volume Knob for Each Channel
  • 3-Knob Tone Stack
  • Tone Shift Button
  • Onboard Effects Loop
  • Digital Spring Reverb
  • Footswitch Controller Included

Suitable for Home Practice

With an emulated output and power reduction to 0.1W, the DSL1CR is perfect for recording and playing in the bedroom. Marshall has engineered the amp to provide an impactful sound at low levels so, you can reduce power to 1W (0.1W power setting).

Dual-Channel Operation

Using the two footswitchable gain channels, you can go from clean, classic tones to those with added distortion and extra bite.

Effects Options

Create the music you want using the studio quality reverb, tone shift, and onboard effects loop.