Tama S.L.P. G-Maple Snare Drum - 13 x 7

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The award winning G Maple concept is built on the foundation of a thicker 11ply, 10mm Maple shell, and augmented by heavy die-cast hoops, giving it a bright, powerful, sound with surprising volume and sensitivity.

  • 12ply/10mm, Maple shell with Tamo Ash outer ply
  • 20 strand Starclassic Hi-Carbon Steel Snare Wire
    • Starclassic snares offer several unique, highly useful features. When adding more tension to the wires, the strands press closer to the snare head. We've also redesigned the angle of the end plates and added thinner straps to obtain optimum response.
  • Brass Tube Lugs
  • Die-Cast Hoop
    • Made of die-cast zinc, TAMA's die-cast hoops deliver an incredibly sharp, solid rim shot that cannot be found in any other hoop.

Model: LGM137STA