USED Bogen MIC2X Balanced Microphone Input Module XLR


These units are used but were pulled from conditions in which they were working at the time - just no longer needed.  They show very minimal wear.

The Bogen Microphone Input provides a wide range of functions to support a variety of applications, such as voice enhancement, Noise gate w/Threshold control, and Limiter w/Threshold control. The MIC2X support different signal-source requirements, including the ability to interface to balanced and unbalanced high- and low-level inputs, stereo or mono, telco systems, and microphones.

Product Features

  • Electronically-balanced
  • XLR connector
  • Phantom power
  • Gain/Trim control
  • Hi- and Lo-cut filters
  • Adjustable voice enhancer
  • Audio gating with threshold adjustment
  • Variable signal limited
  • 4 levels of available priority
  • Can be muted from higher priority modules
  • Can mute lower priority modules