Audio Technica ATW-T1006 System 10 Boundary Microphone/Transmitter

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Audio-Technica ATW-T1006

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The Audio-Technica ATW-T1006 is a tabletop transmitter equipped with a cardioid boundary mic and compatible with System 10 and System 10 PRO receivers. The cardioid polar pattern focuses audio capture in front of the mic and rejects much of the off-axis ambient noise, great for picking up one speaker or allowing two panelists sitting next to each other to share a single mic.

Quick to set up and tear down, the ATW-T1006 offers a smart solution for meeting situations where wired mics are impractical and users demand flexibility with high performance. Syncing the transmitter to a receiver is as simple as pressing the Pairing switch on both components.

The ATW-T1006 can be used in conference spaces, corporate facilities, educational settings, and other small to mid-size venues for panel discussions, speeches, boardroom meetings, school lectures, and more. The unit's low profile is ideal for minimum-visibility applications such as video-conferencing.

The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 9 hours of use on a full charge. It is easily recharged with the included USB charging cable and AC adapter, which can also power the unit indefinitely while in use.

For meetings where several wireless mics are required, up to 10 mics can operate simultaneously in the same room with the ATW-RU13 System 10 PRO receiver and 8 with the ATW-R1100 System 10 receiver.

User-Friendly Features for Meetings and Conferences
  • The touch-sensitive user switch can toggle between talk and mute modes, or function as a press-to-talk or press-to-mute button.
  • Two red/green LEDs—one visible from the front of the unit, the other from the rear—indicate toggle/talk/mute mode, battery level, and charging status.
  • Three levels of input gain (-6, 0, and +6 dB) can be selected with a switch on the bottom of the unit, allowing you to adjust the input level to accommodate panelists with different speaking volumes.
  • The low-cut filter switch reduces air conditioning rumbles and other unwanted low-end noise.
  • LED underneath unit displays ID number to indicate which transmitter is paired with a given transmitter.