Food for Strings

**Food for Strings is happening now! Don’t miss out! April 26 through May 1, 2021** Click here to view our Facebook event page, RSVP, and share!

Food for Strings started in 2015 when we wanted a way to give back to our community and the organizations who do so much for others.  It has changed over time, but the core has remained the same - donate food and we'll restring your guitar as a thank you. 

Since 2015 we have collected:
  • 1,012 lbs of human food
  • 1,010 lbs of pet food
  • $1,425.13
Donations collected are given to the following organizations
  • Eagle's Wings Food Pantry in Washington, NC
  • Pet Food Pantry of Eastern NC in Greenville, NC
For this food drive event, participants donate a minimum amount of food or cash for the local food banks and pet food pantry then we, PC Sound, will restring your guitar with a new set of D'Addario strings as a thank you (while also recycling your old strings)! Each participant will also get to Spin the Wheel for a guitar-related prize! Don't have a guitar? You can still make a donation and spin the wheel!

The above organizations have done a lot for our local communities - helping families in need, even moreso through the recent COVID19 pandemic. They are always appreciative of donations that allow them to help more families in need! 100% of donations from this event will be split between them.
This year we will be providing restrings for 6-String Acoustic and 6-String Electric Guitars thanks to D’Addario for sponsoring the event and supplying the strings! We realize this excludes some instruments we have done in the past such as bass guitars, classical and 12-string guitars, and ukuleles. As much as we want to provide this service to as many instruments as possible, unfortunately we do not have the supplies to do so this year due to the effects of COVID-19. But you can still make a donation to benefit the food banks and Spin the Wheel for a prize!

For each guitar, the recommended minimum donation is:
  • 5 food items, 5 pounds of food, or $5 for basic string install (Value is $25)
  • 20 food items, 20 pounds of food, or $20 for ultimate setup (Value is $50)
For electric guitars with Floyd Rose:
  • 10 food items, 10 pounds of food, or $10 for basic string install (Value is $30)
  • 40 food items, 40 pounds of food, or $40 for string install and complete setup of Floyd Rose **recommended for best performance. (Value is $80)
There will be a limit of 3 guitars per person so that more local musicians will have the opportunity to participate.

Our store location and hours are:
PC Sound Inc.
1826 W. 5th Street
Washington, NC 27889

Mon, Tues, Thursday 10AM - 6PM
Friday 10AM – 5PM
Saturday 10AM – 3PM
Wednesday & Sunday CLOSED

This event is sponsored by Terracycle and D'Addario. Thanks to them, if you have old guitar strings, you can bring them to us for recycling!