Professional Installations

Since 1994, PC Sound has been at the forefront of commercial audio, video, lighting, control equipment, and acoustical solutions. With a team of experienced professionals, we are committed to delivering top-quality solutions that last. Whether it's for businesses, churches, or schools, we provide the expertise you need.

For over 25 years, our specialized system consultants have been dedicated to striking the right balance between preserving architectural aesthetics and introducing modern audiovisual systems in worship centers and venues. We combine custom line array systems, digital mixing consoles, intelligent lighting, and interactive video and control systems while maintaining the atmosphere you desire.

Contact us and our systems consultant will conduct an in-depth analysis and tailored solutions to meet your needs and budget. We provide comprehensive documentation and training for your satisfaction, along with extensive service and support.  After system installation, we provide comprehensive documentation and training, and our ongoing support ensures your system remains optimized for years to come.

From churches to school gyms to stadiums, our extensive experience allows us to stay updated with emerging technologies.

Contact us today to explore the solutions tailored specifically to meet your needs. 252-946-6100

Our services cover a large range of clients, including:
  • Churches
  • Clubs
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Event Venues
  • and more...

  • Professional Audio

    Enhance Sound Quality with Our Expert Audio Solutions

    Every room is unique, with varying sizes, shapes, and surface acoustics. At PC Sound, we tailor our audio solutions to meet your goals for music reinforcement and clear speech intelligibility.

    • Custom Solutions: Our room modeling and calculations will ensure your audio system is perfectly tailored to your space.
    • Enhanced Engagement: Exceptional sound quality will captivate your audience, no matter their location within the venue.
    • Diverse Options: From point-source to line and steerable column arrays, we offer a range of technologies to optimize your venue's sound.

    Video Systems

    Elevate Your Message and Experience with Our Video Systems

    From conference rooms to large venues, we design and deliver high-quality, reliable video solutions tailored to your needs.

    • Live Streaming: Whether it's a simple setup or a more elaborate system that will make you indistinguishable from the major-market broadcasts, PC Sound will create your ideal live streaming solution.
    • Projection Solutions: We specialize in laser-based projection for both small and large audiences. Our systems are flexible and customizable to fit your room and vision.
    • Integrated Video Systems: Communicate your story effectively with our integrated video systems. Our certified engineers design solutions that match your needs and specifications.

    Lighting Systems

    Transforming Spaces with Dynamic Lighting

    Color, whether static or dynamic, laser or LED, wash or strobe, has the power to set moods, evoke emotions, and create unique atmospheres. Our lighting designs feature the latest in LED PARs, spots, washes, and intelligent lighting for diverse environments.

    • Immediate Impact: Lighting can instantly transform worship services, conferences, and engage audiences or congregations.
    • Scalable Solutions: We offer a range of lighting systems, suitable for both experienced Lighting Designers and volunteers.
    • Enhancing Ambiance: Choose from our lighting presets to set the perfect ambiance for meetings, illuminate pathways, or instantly transform the mood, enhancing both your space and overall experience.

    Acoustical Treatments

    Improve Sound Clarity

    Your message should be clear and impactful, whether it's a sermon, performance, or presentation. Spaces with hard surfaces can create sound challenges leading to echoes and reduced intelligibility.  In the long-term these echoes can be hazardous to one's health - damaging the inner ear leading to hearing loss.  Installing acoustic panels can reduce echoes, improve intelligibility and protect everyone's ears.

    • Intelligible Sound: Achieve clear and intelligible sound for both music and spoken word in challenging acoustical environments.
    • Specialized Acoustic Analysis: Our engineering team goes beyond standard solutions. We start by conducting in-depth acoustical measurements, addressing not only room reflections but also problem frequencies. This analysis allows us to precisely target and eliminate unwanted reflections and frequency nodes, ensuring your room treatment is effective from the start.

    Other Installation Services
    Control Systems

    Seamless Control and Monitoring for Your Systems

    In a world where control is everything, our control systems make managing your technology effortless. We offer accessible and expandable solutions to keep you connected and in control.

    • Global Accessibility: With our network-based control systems, you can manage and monitor your systems from anywhere in the world, reducing service calls and downtime.
    • Streamlined Automation: We simplify complex system functions into intuitive actions, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
    Sound Masking

    Improve Office Comfort with Sound Masking

    Sound Masking is a valuable addition to various office environments, particularly in medical offices. It may seem counterintuitive, but introducing controlled background sound can actually make a space feel quieter.

    • Reduced Distraction: By masking human speech intelligibility, added sound makes conversations less distracting and often imperceptible.
    • Elevated Ambience: Sound masking elevates ambient noise levels, reducing the clarity of speech and making it less distracting.
    • Enhanced Office Environment: While not eliminating all speech noise, sound masking narrows the "radius of distraction," significantly improving the overall office environment and acoustics.

    Our Design & Install Team

    Check out some pictures of past install jobs!


  • Macedonia Christian Church - Williamston, NC
  • First Church of Christ - Washington, NC
  • Hopewell Schools - Hopewell, VA
  • New Life World Outreach - Snow Hill, NC
  • First Christian Church - Williamston, NC
  • First Christian Church D.O.C. - Washington, NC
  • Sandy Cross Baptist Church - Hobbsville, NC
  • Dawson Baptist Church - Enfield, NC
  • The Oakwood School - Greenville, NC
  • PS Jones Middle School - Washington, NC
  • Mattamuskeet High School - Swan Quarter, NC
  • Vine Swamp Church - Kinston, NC
  • Woodard Pond Church of Christ - Bath, NC
  • Northeast Regional School of Biotechnology & Agriscience - Jamesville, NC