Dunlop 272 Blues Bottle Regular Wall Medium Clear Slide


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Delta Blues Tone!

The Blues Bottle slide will take you back to pre-depression Mississippi, where Blues Masters used medicine bottle slides to form the roots of modern day blues. Blues Bottle slides are individually hand-blown of durable, seamless Pyrex glass. The weighted, closed ends provide optimum balance. Dunlop slides are today's most popular slide.

Good Balance with Classic Tone

Model 272 specs:

  • Medicine Bottle type
  • Material: Glass
  • Size: Medium
  • Ring Size 10
  • Wall Thickness: Medium
  • Internal Diameter: .77"  (19.7mm)

Additional Slide Information


Usually made from Pyrex, can also be tempered glass

  • Smooth, warm tone
  • Regular wall — lighter weight, thinner glass
  • Heavy wall — thicker and heavier


Slides typically are sized S, M, L, and XL, which refers to the inside diameter, specifically.

  • Small — Ring size 4–7.5
  • Medium — Ring size 8–10.5
  • Large — Ring size 11–13.5
  • Extra Large — Ring size 14–16

These are approximate — slides vary from model to model and are handmade. The basic process is to figure out which finger you want to use, get a ring size, figure out what material/type of slide you want, and get close. It doesn’t need to fit like a ring. A little space is a good thing: snug enough to stay in place and have control but loose enough to be comfortable


Shorter slides are useful if you want to wear a slide and switch back and forth between fretting and sliding. A shorter slide allows your finger to bend and tuck out of the way.

Longer slides can cover across the entire neck (all six strings) allowing more immediate note choices and possibilities.