Dunlop 5010 7" Black Mic Stand Pickholder


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Got more than one pick on stage?

With the 5010 Mic Stand Pickholder, you'll always have a pick at arm's length!  We've all been there - you're in the middle of a searing solo and your pick goes flying out of your fingers.

The 5010 Mic Stand Pickholder makes this an easy problem to overcome onstage. Clip the 7" rubber pickholder onto any standard mic stand and you've got your picks right where you want them, which is within reach.

Never be without a pick again with the 5010 Mic Stand Pickholder.

 Dunlop 5010 Mic Stand Pickholder Features:

  • 7" long
  • Rubber construction
  • Fits standard mic stands

Every performing guitarist needs a 5010 Mic Stand Pickholder from Dunlop!

*Pictured picks, Microphone, clip, stand and cable are NOT included.