Dunlop 474 Stubby 2.0 Small Purple Guitar Pick EACH


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Stubby is a fitting name for Dunlop's Stubby Jazz Guitar Picks. They're short, wide, and a little on the heavy side while providing a highly addictive playing feel. Made from ultra-durable Lexan plastic, these picks have a contoured edge that gives you a slick attack that's great for legato and lightning-fast runs. And the best part? The grip is so stable that it feels like the Stubby Jazz is glued into your hand. Most notorious pick droppers had an easy time hanging onto these! If you're looking for a new pick, the Dunlop Stubby Jazz Guitar Picks definitely won't disappoint.

Dunlop Stubby Jazz Guitar Picks Features:

  • Jazz shape enhances attack
  • Ultra-tough Lexan construction ensures these picks last for a long time
  • Contoured playing edge facilitates a fluid release
  • Comfortable grip provides you with a rock-solid playing foundation
  • Inflexible construction is ideal for heavier styles

Tech Specs

  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Gauge: 2.00mm
  • Material: Lexan
  • Quantity: 1
  • Color: Purple
474-200 - EACH