Vic Firth 7A American Classic - Wood Tip Drumsticks


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Vic Firth 7A Drumsticks are perfect for light jazz and combo or whenever a fast, light touch is needed.  Nylon tip adds crystal clarity to cymbals. These sticks feature a tear drop tip and medium taper which make them great for all styles of music. Whether you are practicing rudiments on a drum pad, creating videos, performing in a stadium, the Vic Firth 7A is the "Perfect Pair".

Vic Firth Drumsticks 7A are in the Vic Firth American Classic series, which are made out of high-quality hickory. The hickory is very durable for wood drumsticks, yet have a small amount of flex. The Vic Firth factory process produces straight sticks with an optimal moisture content to prevent warping. 

Vic Firth American Classic 7A Drum Sticks Specs:
- Length: 15.5"
- Diameter: .54"
- Material: Hickory
- Finish: Lacquer
- Tip: Wood Tear Drop