Roche Thomas RT71 2oz Premium Fingerboard Oil


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Roche Thomas RT71 2oz Premium Fingerboard Oil

Roche-Thomas Premium line of lubricants are formulated and bottled in their facilities using a special filtering process that eliminates impurities and residue. Their unique process insures that you receive a fast acting lubricant with a clean coat which is virtually dust and lint free.

The premium fingerboard oil is a superior blend that won't harm your instrument. Fingerboard oil by design is a heavier oil then valve\slide oil.

This is not lemon oil and has no fragrance or any other unnecessary additives.

The high standard for quality is why this fingerboard oil is and has been the preferred oil for top guitar manufactures for years.

Priced right for all musicians; formulated for the professionals.

Comes in a 2oz cylinder bottle with a leak proof one piece cap that has a controlled dropper tip.

Roche-Thomas is proud to say that ALL aspects of their products are manufactured in the USA so you know you are purchasing the finest products on the market.