Audix ADX51 Small-Diaphragm Condenser Microphone


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Audix ADX51

The Audix ADX51 is a professional pre-polarized condenser microphone designed for general instrument and vocal capturing. The cardioid polar pattern eliminates residual noise and feedback at the off-axis sections of the capsule. The ADX51 features a 10 dB pad switch to provide extra headroom while capturing highly transient audio signal. The low-frequency roll-off switch eliminates low-frequency hum, noise and proximity effect. The ADX51 features a low-noise output circuitry and is at home capturing brass, percussion instruments, guitar cabinets, vocals, and much more.

Cardioid Polar Pattern
The cardioid polar pattern effectively minimizes noise and off-axis audio that cause feedback.
High SPL Capability
The ADX51 is capable of reproduces sound pressure levels of up to 132 dB.
10 dB Pad Switch
A 10 dB pad provides extra headroom whenever necessary.
Low Frequency Roll-Off
The low-frequency roll-off switch eliminates noise and low frequency ambiance.