Tama Black Tripod Boom Stand - MS455BK


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The Iron Works Tour Series MS455BK boom stand with tripod legs boasts clever innovations that surpass the status quo in terms of value, performance and usability. Applicable in a wide range of mic-ing situations—the MS455BK provides consistent, reliable results every time.

Latch-Lok Sleeve Insert

Anyone who has used existing boom stands is familiar with the following potential mishap: Performer attempts a slight adjustment of mic stand by rotating the boom arm in the stand around few degrees?but with an undesired result?  the twisting force is just enough to loosen the plastic ring inside the adjustment collar. Having lost its grip on the upper telescoping shaft, the boom arm, and microphone, sink downward, possibly even falling to the ground.

No more. Finally, TAMA has addressed this common problem by utilizing a specially designed ring with an anchor at the bottom, which sits in the mic pipe's slot. The ring does not rotate, so adjustment collar's grip cannot fail.

Latch-Lok Sleeve Insert


  • Black Finish
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Height: 985mm-1660mm(38 3/4"-65 3/8")
  • Arm: 845mm(33 1/4")