Allen & Heath SQ S-Link Card for Allen & Heath Products


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Allen & Heath M-SQ-SLINK-A

The Allen & Heath SQ SLink is a digital audio module for SQ series mixers, allowing for the digital connection to a variety of Allen & Heath products including dSnake, DX, GigaAce, and ME systems. The card duplicates the internal SLink port, but runs independently, allowing for up to 128x128 channels to be routed in or out. The SQ SLink card can be switched between 96 or 48 kHz to accommodate both sample rates.

  • Supports dSnake, DX, GigaAce, and ME systems
  • 128×128 channel audio and control over a network
  • 96 or 48 kHz operation
  • Duplicates the internal SLink port but runs independently, allowing two different Allen & Heath protocols to be used at once
  • Single locking EtherCon port