2" Franklin Straps Padded SW Hitch Weave Caramel Leather Guitar Strap

Franklin Strap

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Franklin Straps Padded Southwest Series - SW Hitch Weave Caramel Leather Guitar Strap

This Padded Southwest series captures the visual heritage of the American southwest. The hitch weave pattern combines a traditional, rugged simplicity with the subtle sparkle of a tooled concho ringed in gold braid for great presence on stage.

By using the same artful technique in crafting Franklin Straps padded glove leather straps, they start with a core of soft, top quality suede and place a wafer of foam on top. Then they wrap it with their plush glove leather for a rolled, “upholstered” look. Another layer of foam is added on the back side and covered with glove leather. Really soft!

Adjusts from 39'' to 56''

Model:  11A-CA-N