USED Ibanez RGD71ALPA Axion Label 7-String Electric - Charcoal Burst Black Flat


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This listing is for a used Ibanez RGD71ALPA in charcoal burst black flat finish.  The poplar burl top really makes this guitar stand out from other guitars of the same models that we have seen.  It has been checked out by our guitar techs and is ready for a new home!

There are some cosmetic blemishes that we would like to point out so that you are aware of them prior to purchasing. To some, it may not matter that much, but to others, it may be a big deal so we try to include as much information as possible.

  • On the front of the headstock, inside the curve, there are a couple dinged/slightly chipped areas.
  • Tip of headstock has a small ding. There is a line that goes from the tip of the headstock to the bottom that is more prominent than in other guitars. This is where the piece was glued together. It is more prominent near the bottom where it can be felt (please view picture of the back of the headstock and zoom in where the stamp is. You should be able to see it there).
  • Back side, on right horn, there is a scuff and a scratch
  • 0.5" scratch on back side of body, in lower right area
  • Two small (0.5" or less) scratches just inside curve on back of body

Additional information about the model of this guitar can be viewed below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for your time.

The RGD71ALPA from Ibanez is a 7-string metal machine designed to meet the demands of down-tuning, which requires a specific responsiveness not found in “normal” guitars. To optimize for the rich, desirable thickness of tone that down-tuning produces, the Ibanez RGD71ALPA features an extended neck and a 26.5” scale. Longer-than standard yet not overly long, the neck is still considered a “fast” neck and ideal for speed soloing. Extra-deep cutaways grant easy access to the highest notes while hand-wound Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups deliver an accelerated bass response for tracking high-speed staccato riffing, with super high-end articulation.


Neck: Nitro Wizard-75pc Panga Panga/Walnut neck

Top/Back/Body:  Poplar Burl top Layered Ash & Nyatoh body

Fretboard: Macassar Ebony fretboard with white Step off-set dot inlay

Frets: Jumbo Sub Zero treated frets

# of Frets: 24

Bridge: Mono-rail bridge

String Spacing: 10.8mm

Neck Pickup: Bare Knuckle Aftermath 7 (H) neck pickupPassive/Alnico

Bridge Pickup: Bare Knuckle Aftermath 7 (H) bridge pickupPassive/Ceramic

Factory Tuning: 1D,2A,3F,4C,5G,6D,7A

Hardware: Black

Other Features:
  • Coil-tap switch
  • 26.5 inch scale
  • Luminescent side dots
  • Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads

Mono-rail bridge

Designed for both stability and sustain, the innovative Ibanez Mono-Rail bridge minimizes cross-talk between strings

Macassar Ebony fretboard

Macassar Ebony produces tight lows and mid range along with strong attack in the highs and quick response with rich sustain.

Bare Knuckle Aftermath Pickups

Hand-wound in UK, Bare Knuckle Aftermath pickups deliver accelerated bass response for tracking high-speed staccato riffing, with increased focus in the mid and superb high-end articulation.

Sub Zero Treated Frets

The Sub Zero treated frets can stand up against the hardest riffing and string-bending.

Coil-tap switch

The coil tap switch adds sound and tonal variations for both pickups.

Nitro Wizard 5pc Panga Panga/Walnut neck

Super-thin and ultra-playable Nitro Wizard 5-piece Panga Panga/Walnut neck substantially increases sustain

Luminescent side dot inlays

The luminescent side dot inlays make it easy for players to perform on dark stages, matching the dazzling luminescent Ibanez headstock logo.

Schaller S-Lock strap lock pins

Indestructible Schaller S-Locks don't fail, even under the toughest conditions on stage.

Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads

The Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads achieve incredible tuning stability, cutting down string-changing time.


PC Sound is an authorized dealer of Ibanez instruments, so this instrument comes with the original 1 year warranty from Ibanez.

At PC Sound, we check out our instruments and provide a general setup prior to listing them online to ensure the instrument is in the best possible condition. However, sometimes a minor adjustment may be needed once it arrives to you due to changes in temperature, humidity, shipping, or individual preferences. If temperatures are very cold or hot, please allow your instrument to sit in the box or case for at least 24 hours to allow time for it to acclimate. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.