Don't Fret Violin Viola Finger Marker Indicator Decal Stickers

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These are decals made in the USA which adhere to the fingerboards of violins and violas. They are made of clear vinyl, are abrasion resistant, and remove easily and cleanly from the instrument. They are are printed with colored lines so as to indicate the proper positioning of the fingers on the instrument - whether the instrument is a violin or viola.

Inexpensive, mathematically designed for accuracy, and made of clear, self-adhering vinyl, it applies easily to the fingerboard. Colored lines arranged in a scale pattern show the students exactly where to place their fingers. It gives you a resource for teaching finger positions, scales, keys, and intervals. Whatever your method helps you communicate more effectively.


Difference between Don't Fret and First Frets:

The First Frets decal has 4 lines, thus indicating only the most common notes for the beginning player. First Frets substitutes for, and is an improved version of, the most common fingerboard marking practices. Some teachers prefer to use the First Frets for their beginning students as it is closer to their previous practice, and then as their students advance to continue with the Don’t Fret.

The Don’t Fret decal has 12 lines indicating a complete chromatic scale of one octave. The lines --- 5 white, and 7 in other colors are arranged in the same pattern as that of the piano keyboard, with its 5 black and 7 white keys. With the full set of lines it is easier to teach finger patterns, keys (tonalities), and intervals such as whole and half steps. Because the 12 lines make the patterns of whole and half steps more obvious, many teachers prefer to start their beginning students directly on the Don’t Fret®, simply teaching finger placement one color at a time.