Tama Imperialstar IE52CNZW 5-Piece Complete Drum Kit - Zebrawood


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Model: IE52CNZW

Imperialstar complete drum kits provide everything a drummer needs at an affordable price. The Imperialstar line offers various choices of kit configurations and finishes, availability of add-on drums, precisely-processed drum shells and reliable, durable hardware. Imperialstar may appeal to beginner drummers due to the price, but more experienced intermediate players enjoy playing great-sounding Imperialstar kits in every music genre from jazz and R&B to rock.

Spur Brackets

Imperialstar spur brackets provide maximum durability and stability.

Tom Holder

TAMA L-Rod and Omnisphere tom holder systems have received acclaim from drummers for over 25 years. These systems offer easy positioning, maximum flexibility, stability and greater sound than standard designs which penetrate the shell interior and can inhibit resonance.

TAMA Precision Bearing Edges

A drum's bearing edge is one of the most important components in drum sound.
Our advanced edge-cutting process provides extremely precise bearing edges - which allow TAMA shells to ring openly and fully, and provide a wide range of tune ability, sensitivity and response.


Imperialstar all-in-one "READY-TO-ROCK" packages not only have everything you need to rock, you'll rock better with HCS genuine brass cymbals from Meinl®, the cymbal maker of choice for many of today's new generation drummers.

Shells:100% poplar 8mm 6ply

Poplar wood has been used in making drum shell for over 50 years. It offers a full, warm tone combined with medium attack.


  • 16 x22" bass drum
  • 7 x10" tom tom
  • 15 x16" floor tom
  • 8 x12" tom tom
  • 5 x14" snare drum

Meinl HCS cymbals:

  • 14" Hi-Hat
  • 16" Crash
  • 20" Ride


  • MTH50 double tom holder
  • hi-hat stand
  • single drum pedal
  • snare stand
  • boom cymbal stand
  • straight cymbal stand
  • drum throne