PreSonus Audiobox GO 2x2 USB-C Interface


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A highly portable and affordable solution for singers, musicians, and podcasters recording at home or on the go, the PreSonus AudioBox GO ultracompact USB Type-C audio interface offers a clean Class-A mic preamp with phantom power, a 1/4" input for electric guitar/bass, and simple operability in a bus-powered, travel-friendly format.

The AudioBox GO utilizes high-resolution converters to ensure the integrity and detail of your signals, whether recording or mixing. With two 1/4" monitor outs and a stereo headphone output, the interface can drive a set of speakers and headphones while offering independent volume controls for both. The AudioBox GO is bundled with Studio One Prime DAW software for Mac and Windows and includes the Studio Magic plug-in suite, delivering a host of effects, virtual instruments, third-party loops, software, and instrument sounds.

Class-A Microphone Preamp
The AudioBox GO's XMAX-L Class-A mic preamp is based on the design utilized in lauded StudioLive mixers from PreSonus. With switchable 48V phantom power and up to 50 dB of gain, the XLR-1/4" combo mic/line input is capable of accommodating a microphone (dynamic or condenser), or direct-box / line-level signal like a keyboard or drum machine.
Instrument Input
A dedicated 1/4" TS input is provided for direct connection of Hi-Z electric instruments such as a guitar or bass. Use the included Brainworx bx_rockrack plug-in to call up realistic amp tones in the supplied Studio One Prime software or your preferred DAW.
High-Resolution Converters
Boasting support for digital resolutions up to 24-bit / 96 kHz, the AudioBox GO is equipped to perform AD/DA conversion with clarity and precision. It can also serve as a quality DAC for playback of high-resolution files from your computer.
Headphone and Monitor Outputs
Thanks to the interface's two 1/4" line/monitor outputs and stereo headphone output, you can easily hook up a pair of speakers and studio headphones, and independently adjust their volume levels via separate knobs on the front panel.
Latency-Free Monitoring
The AudioBox GO features a direct monitor function with a mix control, allowing you to make the perfect blend of the zero-latency live input signal and the return signal from your computer.
Bus Powered over USB
Travel light with the AudioBox GO. It is powered via a USB connection to your Mac or Windows computer, so you don't need to bring an external power supply. As a class-compliant USB Type-C device, it also works with Android devices and iPads.
Take It Anywhere
Thanks to its ultracompact form factor, the interface conserves space on your desk or in your backpack.
Studio One Prime Software
While the AudioBox GO audio works with virtually all macOS and Windows audio-recording software, it comes with a free license for the PreSonus Studio One Prime DAW, giving you a complete recording solution. Studio One is easy to learn and enables you to compose, record, and produce your masterpiece without getting distracted by the tools.
  • Single-window work environment
  • Powerful drag-and-drop functionality
  • Unlimited tracks, FX channels, and plug-ins
  • Advanced audio editing
  • Automatic latency compensation
  • Content browser
  • Live arranging
  • Comping
  • Layers and takes
  • Drum editor
  • MPE support
  • MP3 export
  • Retrospective record
  • Includes effects, virtual instruments, loops, and sounds
  • Mac and Windows compatible
Studio Magic Plug-In Suite
The Studio Magic Plug-in Suite for Mac and Windows includes Ableton Live Lite, tutorials from Melodics, six virtual instruments, and nine popular plug-ins in VST, AU, and AAX formats.
  • Arturia Analog Lab Lite
  • Brainworx bx_opto
  • Brainworx bx_rockrack
  • Cherry Audio Voltage Nucleus
  • iZotope Neutron Elements
  • Klanghelm SDRR2tube
  • KV331 Audio Synthmaster Player
  • Lexicon MPX-i Reverb
  • Mäag Audio EQ2
  • Native Instruments REPLIKA
  • Output Movement
  • SPL Attacker Plus
  • Studio Linked Trophies
  • UJAM Virtual Drummer 2 PHAT
  • UVI Model D